Thursday, 22 November 2007

Cloth Baby Shoes

A couple of friends are due to give birth sometime in the next week or so and I decided to make them some bib and shoe sets. Here are the first pair of shoes, using the tutorial from Stardust Shoes.

I used craft cotton for the top, denim for the sole and lined them with plain white flannel. One thing that bothered me about the construction method used in this tutorial was that the inside seams would still be visible. Partway through making these I realised I could construct them a slightly different way so that the inside seams around the sole would not be visible. And once I'd finished them, I had an "a-ha" moment where I realised how to make them completely reversible. I have another pair (to be lined with flannel) already cut out so I'll try out the new method on the next pair and see if it works. And then I might have a go at making a completely reversible pair with a patterned lining. These could get addictive!


Kimberlee + Lies said...

oh they are so cute
thanks for the link to the free tutorial. I can see how these would become addictive.


Circe said...

I'm making them, too, for friends in my bookclub who are pregnant - 4 of them! If you have managed to make them reversible, could you please teach me how to do it? I have an overlocker, but I don't like the seams either.
Thanks very much!
Sarah :)