Thursday, 15 November 2007


Without really meaning to I've started collecting buttons. I saw a big lot selling for peanuts on TradeMe and since then I've picked up a few here and there at op shops and antique shops. When I got them out to sort through the other day I realised I've amassed quite a few.

The collection is still lacking in bright coloured buttons. Lots of grey and black and white though.

Here's the first thing I made with those buttons from TradeMe and some black waxed thread:

I LOVE this necklace. The black and brown means I can wear it with lots of things. I always get interesting comments when I wear it too - some people are amazed that I'd want to wear buttons as jewellery, others really like it. One guy at work once said "at least if you loose a button on your clothes, you'll have a spare one handy"!

This is another necklace that I almost finished and then decided it didn't sit right. I found it stashed with my other buttons when I took them out to sort through. I still really like these big red buttons so I think I'll have to rethink the placement of them - maybe big ones only at the bottom, graduating to smaller red ones around the sides.

And this is my red button bracelet which I also wear a lot. It's on stretchy elastic cord and you can move the buttons around to get it sitting just right. Its a good one to wear to work because you can play with it during long meetings...

I didn't make this breaclet - I bought it at the last Crafting event in June at Pataka in Porirua. Which reminds me, there is another Crafting on this weekend (Saturday 17th from 10-4). I'm planning on going along. And this time I might even pluck up the courage to say hello to some of my fellow bloggers who'll be there.

Oh and in case you were wondering - I've started using one of my knitted dishcloths and it's holding up OK so far. No gross bits stuck in it yet Jessicah! Its textured surface is good for scrubbing and I can squeeze it out much easier than the sponge we used to use so it dries a lot quicker. I'm a convert! Off to buy more bamboo yarn today to knit some more.

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Kimberlee + Lies said...

that bowl full of buttons make sme happy.

lucky you, going to wellington craft events, they are not the same up here in auckland.

I will send off those cards to you, thanks for your address!