Monday, 4 October 2010

Christmas Ornament Swap

Yes, well, ahem. Didn't mean to neglect the blog for quite so long. But, as you may have guessed, my career change has been a lot more demanding on my spare time (previously crafting and blogging time) than I expected. Hence the lack of posts. Didn't really think you wanted to hear about how my weekends were taken up with planning and marking and writing reports.

Anyhoo, a few people have emailed me to see if I was going to run a Christmas Ornament Swap this year. Unfortunately, I can't see myself having time for that, however, the lovely Dione of Sew Funky has offered to run it this year, so you can go over here to her blog and sign yourself up for some Christmas crafty goodness.

I hope to try and post semi-regularly here, but I'm not making any promises. Maybe once my end-of-year reports are written in mid-November...