Friday, 24 April 2009

New toy

When I blogged about my birthday a couple of weeks ago, I forgot to mention the birthday present I bought myself. It might not look like much, but it made me happy:

snap setter

My very own almost-power-tool - a brand-new snap setter from Greenbeans! After borrowing snap setters from other people, I finally shelled out for one of my own. The greenbeans site sells them for putting snaps in modern cloth nappies, but I've discovered they're great for easily putting snaps in the bibs and pinafores I sell. And I'm sure there are a whole lot more uses yet to be discovered...

By the way, those piles of bibs in the photo are for my first wholesale orders. They're now making their way to Found My Way in Invercargill and Rockabye Baby in Ashburton. I've added a stockists list over on the right hand side there ---> and I'll hopefully add more shops to it in the coming few months.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Happy Monday

spoils from fabric fair
I enjoyed the fabric fair on Saturday - the whole stash up there set me back about $20. Looking at the picture, my inner magpie was obviously drawn to stripes, spots, ric-rac and blue and green that day. Most of the cotton pieces are over 1 metre and a couple of them are over 2 metres. I really like the white and red floral - a skirt for next summer perhaps?

Despite my big crafting plans for the school holidays, I've not managed to achieve much in the first week. I caught a nasty head cold last week (just after I'd gotten over the last one), and I didn't feel like doing a whole lot of anything for a few days. I've also been working on a couple of wholesale orders of bibs and tshirts for some shops in the South Island (exciting - somehow selling in shops seems much more glamorous than selling online!), so my personal crafting has been put on hold.

I have managed to fulfill one of my aims for the holidays though - running every day. I'm planning to run a 10km event in June and am way out of practice. The holidays seemed like a good time to kickstart my training. I really questioned my sanity this morning though, when I was out running in the rain, in a strong southerly...

Thursday, 16 April 2009


I tell you, I think crafty people have some of the coolest ideas. Here's one I've just discovered - fabric-a-brac. A craft fair dedicated to selling fabric, buttons, trims and patterns. Sellers get to clear out their stashes, buyers get to score some crafty bargains.

It's this Saturday, 18th April from 12-4 in the Brooklyn Community Centre, 18 Harrison St, Brooklyn. I can't wait!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Easter Brunch

We were all set to go out for brunch on Monday, until I thought to check that our favourite cafe was open. Unfortunately they were closed for the Easter weekend. Instead I whipped up some french toast at home, using the great recipe in Vegan with a Vengeance. I served it with berries (reheated from frozen), banana, soy yoghurt and agave nectar. Yummo! Critical brunch tragedy averted.
vegan french toast

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Craft2.0 this Saturday

If you're staying in Welly, or coming to the capital for your Easter break, don't forget to head out to Lower Hutt on Saturday morning and check out Craft2.0 at the New Dowse. There will be lots of crafty goodness for sale plus some hands-on activities too. Check out all the details and read some profiles of the sellers here.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009


I've been out on teaching experience in a primary school for the last 3 weeks, hence the lack of posts, but today I had a day at home to try and shake off the cold I've had for a couple of days. It just so happened that today was also my birthday. I felt better by this afternoon so I managed to cook a celebratory dinner - ratatouille on quinoa and chocolate cupcakes for two. Washed down with a glass or two of bubbly of course.

veges for ratatouille

chocolate birthday cupcakes

Looking forward to the school holidays and some long-awaited crafting time.