Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Sophie (2280g/5lb) and Toby (2770g/6lb2oz), born 12 June at 38 weeks exactly.  Both perfect and happy and healthy in every way. We are in love with our gorgeous twins, and can't quite believe that they are finally here and that we get to be their parents for ever and ever :)

 Before - 37w3d

 After - 19 days old.  Can't quite work out how they fitted in there!

Our favourite shot from our newborn photo shoot at 13 days old. Master T in the green blanket and Miss S in the grey blanket.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

The Nursery

Just a few shots of the nursery, now that it is finally finished!  Chevron curtains, quilts, elephant light shade and cushion are all made by me.  The scrabble card framed on the door was made by my cousin and the sheep mobile was crocheted by a work friend.  I am 37 weeks 3 days today, so not long to go now - the babies will be here by this time next week!

Monday, 19 May 2014

Cot quilts

I did a *lot* of searching (time wasting?) on Pinterest before I decided on what sort of quilts to make for the babies.  Given that I had to make 2, I wanted something simple and relatively quick to make.  I also wanted the quilts to be different, but coordinating as they will be sharing a room for some time. That meant that I couldn't really go all-out girly floral for the girl quilt, but I still wanted some pink :).   I  had already made green and white chevron curtains for the room, and knitted two cot blankets in green and grey (I'll show those off in another post), so I wanted to tie in with those.  I also have a bit of a thing for elephant decor in nurseries.  With all of that in mind, I thought about buying some chevron and polka-dot prints plus some elephant prints, but I couldn't find the colours of elephant prints I wanted either online or in our local fabric stores.  Then my mum suggested I applique elephants onto the quilts, so I tumbled into another Pinterest black-hole looking for elephant appliques and found this quilt, which became my inspiration for these:

I used the loop-piecing method that I've blogged about before - so easy and quick.  Once I had cut the strips apart, I appliqued the elephants onto the white squares.  Surprisingly, all of the chevrons and polka dots came from Spotlight, except for the grey polka dot.  That's a Michael Miller print that I picked up at a local quilting store.  They have snuggly soft bamboo batting inside and flannelette backing.  I stitched in the ditch around each square and then around the sashing.  I've made them slightly wider and longer than cot size, so that they can be tucked in at the sides (for safe sleeping babies).  I'm hoping as the twins grow these will become lap-rugs for napping or TV-watching on the couch.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

33 weeks

Wow, it has been a while since I've updated this!  There's been plenty of crafting and baby-growing happening, but it hasn't made it to the blog unfortunately. I'm hoping to upload some pictures in the next week or so.  In the meantime, here is an updated bump pic (the Cerisy skirt from my last post is still going strong!) at 33 weeks.

We found out at 19 weeks that we are having boy/girl twins, which is pretty exciting! I finished work at Easter and have been spending my days finishing off baby craft projects and buying the last few things for the nursery.  We've been told that I'll be induced at 38 weeks if the babies haven't made an appearance by then, so I've only really got a month at most left!  So far they have been behaving themselves and I have been feeling pretty good.  My only complaint is sore, swollen feet, but as long as I try and put my feet up often and rest, they aren't too bad.  I'm feeling much better now that I've finished work and not trying to control 21 Year-2 children!

Back soon with some craft projects to show off :)

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Cerisy maternity skirt

Cerisy maternity skirt

Cerisy maternity skirt

Cerisy maternity skirt

 My baby bump is still pretty small and I am managing to fit into most of my clothes, except my jeans. However, I am finding the waistbands of lots of clothes uncomfortable by the end of the day. I've seen maternity skirts for sale online and thought about altering my favourite a-line skirt pattern to make it into maternity wear. Then I found the Cerisy Skirt tutorial for an a-line skirt with a knit waistband and thought that sounded super comfortable and just what I needed.  The tutorial has instructions for making a reversible skirt, but I just made mine one-sided .  I used some denim for the back and a chevron cotton for the front. The chevron was pretty thin, so I lined it with a layer of white cotton. I made the waistband extra tall so that I can wear it doubled over now, then up over my bump later on. It is lovely and comfortable (just like wearing trackies). I wear lots of skirts to school, so I can see several more of these being made before I head back to work.