Wednesday, 22 October 2008



I've got a few crafty things to show you later in the week, but I couldn't resist sharing this photo of our dinner last night. I made a spinach-basil-walnut pesto (minus the parmesan) and stirred it through cooked pasta, potatoes and peas. It looked so nice and tasted delicious. The recipe was adapted from a great cookbook called Vegan Italiano. The original recipe called for green beans rather than peas, and linguine rather than spirals, but I think my version worked quite well. There's some pesto leftover which I think I'll use in a salad later in the week.

I've just realised today that my one-year blogiversary came and went a couple of weeks ago. Stay tuned for a belated giveaway celebration sometime next week.


Jo said...

That looks really yummy!!
I have just discovered your blog and really appreciated the bag tutorial round-up, what a great idea!!
I am also planning on trying some of your recipes, especially the date and orange muffins.

Christy said...

Dinner looks good. I often use the spiral noodles over long ones, I just think they hold the sauces well.

Also thank you for posting your label source, one of your older posts. I've been looking for a place to order them from.

So thank you.

Isn't Blogland Wonderful?

Cindy said...

... this looks lovely, I love Italian food. I've been browsing through the blogs, found your interesting and colourful blog!