Thursday, 23 October 2008

Quickfire Craft

On Sunday I was in need of some quick craft gratification - the sort where you can finish a project in one sitting. And I managed two in just under two hours.

Mum mentioned that my new niece likes to be swaddled, and with the cold weather we've had in the past week or so, I thought a merino wrap would be ideal. I had some jade green really soft merino knit in my stash leftover from another project. After consulting with another friend about the ideal size for baby wraps, I cut it into a square approx 100cm on each side. I used a dinnerplate as a template for the rounded corners, then finished the edges with the overlocker. Done.

Merino baby wrap

And for no other reason except that I wanted to use some of the ribbons I bought overseas earlier in the year, I made a little ribbon tag blanket for her as well. I first heard about these on Craftster. Apparently babies like to play with the ribbon tags. I choose velvet, grosgrain and satin ribbons plus some ric-rac so there are a variety of textures. The main part of the blanket measures approx 30cm square. I think it turned out rather cute, don't you?

Taggie blanket

While we're on the subject, I just have to mention the new Dad present I got my brother - a CD of lullabies incorporating the tunes from Metallica songs (yes really). It appealed to the former teenage bogan in me and I've been waiting to buy it for someone who will appreciate it. I think it will go down well. And who knows, maybe the baby will like it too.


Anonymous said...

Oddly Metallica (No leaf Clover) was the only thing that would settle my first baby. It was just luck we had this on a complication CD - neither of us being Metallica fans. Nice sewing

sweetp said...

ha we have the Pink FLoyd lullabies one from the library at the moment. its pretty cool!

Anonymous said...

Lullabye renditions of Metallica...I really want to hear that!

It's so much fun crafting for babies isn't it? I have overflowing jars of ribbons, I might have to try make a taggie and use some of them up.

Anonymous said...

extra cute blankies lou.
pretty sure bubs hutton would appreciate the metallica cd too

sewfunky said...

I love the taggie blanket, I've been wanting to make one for ages... maybe I'll get around to it now I have a sewing machine!

Mary Nanna said...

It's true that my son loved tags but only when they were attached to a really expensive toy (which he showed NO interest in). I love the ribbon selection though they are really gorgeous. I have habadashery envy. And the very sweet polka dot fabric.

Kimberlee and Lies said...

Oh wow what great gifts. The merino wrap is such a nice thing. bUT OH THE ribbon blankey how fun!

Katy said...

Love this idea, i have linked to it on my blog today! Thanks!

Helen said...

Babies CHEW the tags. For this reason, I have always found the idea of these taggie things a little gross. However, your one in its pre-chewed state is very cute.



A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Great use of ribbon remnants - such a sweet project!!