Monday, 25 August 2008

Twisted Stitches

In preparation for doing a lot of sewing for the Etsy shop, I've been working on finishing my knitting WIPs. The first was the stripy hat I posted last week. This is the next one.

It's from a Debbie Bliss pattern called Cable and Moss Stitch Baby Hat. Knitted in 4ply merino. Until I knitted this pattern I was a bit scared of cables. The way the stitches twisted over themselves looked pretty complex to me. But I have now discovered the secret of simple cables - every few rows you swap the order of a couple of stitches, knit them, do a few purl stitches or some moss stitch in between and Bob's your Uncle. I can feel a more complex cabled project coming on next - maybe the Central Park Hoodie for next winter.


sweetp said...

Cute hat! I was so surprised how simple cables were..they look so tricky.

CPH is a great choice! I absolutely ADORE mine and am super pleased I chose that. I'm sure you won't be disappointed (and the cable for that one is dead easy - once every 13 rows so definitely not difficult)

Anonymous said...

Knitting will forever remain a mystery to me. Cabling? Eek! But it looks so good.
BTW, sorry for yammering on about library books, I was far too tired for intelligent conversation. I felt like such a dork!

kimberlee said...

wow great job getting knitty wit it


Bec said...

Wow, this is gorgeous, and I adore the colour!!!!

Little Grubs said...

Love the hat - what a talented knitter you are! I would also like to thank you for making my husband smile .... I was just looking through your blog and he happened to be pass by and started laughing, I asked him what he was laughing at and he said the name of your blog - of course growing up in UK it didn't register with me what it meant but it's taken him way back to his childhood and he's got a lovely smile on his face! Thanks x