Wednesday, 6 August 2008

A farm in stitches

I've been meaning to post these for a while. They are a series of small embroideries that I have been stitching on and off for quite a while. I think I started the first one sometime in 2006! The last one was finished just before we went on holiday. Despite looking like cross-stitch, they are actually petit-point or half-crosses, done on very fine 27-count linen. Finished size of each is around 8cm square.

I used to do a lot of cross-stitch on Aida cloth and I thought these Lanarte kits would be a good way to introduce me to embroidery on linen. I really like the restricted colour palette and the look of the rough natural linen.

I've been playing around with how I will frame them and I quite like this 2x2 arrangement. Once framed they will live in my sewing area, but hopefully one day they might hang on the wall of our child's room.


Anonymous said...

Very cute!

amy said...

started in 2006 - just shows you have application and tenacity. It's always nice to see these things finished.

Melissa said...

very sweet! i have been wondering about that counted stitching on linen- yours looks so very neat and well done. you've inspired me!

amanda said...

Hi! just popped over from Sweetp! These little cross stitches are gorgeous. I've all but given up the cross stitch for knitting but these are so cute I could be persuaded back!