Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Easter Plans

We are going away for Easter, so on Sunday I decided to make Hot Cross Buns a week early. I don't make much bread because of the time involved in kneading, rising the dough etc but making these reminded me how much I enjoy it. I think I will have to try Amanda's WHO bread next. I got a Kenwood mixer from Santa (Alex) at Christmas and it makes kneading the dough really easy, so I don't have an excuse for not making bread really.

I used a basic recipe that I got from Alex's Mum a few years ago, but it looks similar to the recipe in the Edmond's cookbook (I can't believe there is a Wikipedia entry for it!). I didn't bother piping crosses on, because I always make such a gluey mess when I do that, and the crosses are made from just flour and water so don't add to the yumminess. I did try to cut crosses into the dough before I proofed it the second time, but the cuts just disappeared as the buns grew. Oh well, they tasted good though.

Continuing on the Easter buns theme, have any of you kiwis tried the Schoc Easter chocolate? Oh. My. Goodness. It is divine. Dark chocolate that tastes just like Hot Cross Buns, complete with pieces of citrus peel and sultanas. Much better than any easter egg, I feel.

We are off to Nelson for Easter so if any of you have any suggestions for must-see crafty places or must-visit cafes in Nelson or the surrounding area, please let me know. Already on the list is the Saturday morning market and the Bead Shop.


Anonymous said...

The market looks good, hope we get feedback (photos) on it!
I'm dying to make Amanda's WHO bread, just too lazy to buy yeast. And there is a wiki on EVERYTHING - almost. Really really daft stuff even.

Melissa said...

ohh- those hot cross buns look divine! i have to try this easter.

Anonymous said...

Yay for Nelson. There is a fibre artisams shop at the top end of Trafelgar st, just under the church steps. Quite pricey but nice for some yarn and inspiration! Craft Habitat in Stoke is another place with lots going on. Great op shopping at Vinnies and Hospice, not too sure what will be open though. Have a safe and fun trip.

tash* said...

no advice re Nelson...but must mention that i totally agree with leaving the crosses off the buns. I'm of the sheer laziness society that can't be assed doing it - and they do taste just as good without. You've inspired me to actually buy yeast rather than just looking at it in the supermarket!

kimberlee said...

these are most inspiring. in another life I would be diving into the kitchen right now to have a hand at making them , though I am trying to be a career woman right now. so I can't today:)

anyway, have fun in nelson and enjoy eating those hot cross buns!