Thursday, 10 January 2008


I went back to work on Monday, but since it wasn't too busy, I decided to have another couple of days on leave, so yesterday and today I have been at home relaxing and crafting.

Yesterday I decided to finally do something with the used birthday and Christmas cards and old calendars I have been collecting to reuse. A lot of them I cut up into squares of various sizes to be used as gift tags; others will become bookmarks; and a few of them I turned into cards:

I'm quite pleased with how they turned out. They were really quick and easy to make - I just cut A4 white card in half, folded these pieces in half and glued on one of the squares I'd cut from a card or calendar page. I think they would also look really good made with black card.

On the bookmarks front - do any of you have any suggestions for how I could make them sturdier? I have just cut long rectangles from the old cards but I think they need a bit more substance to make them last. I'm not really a fan of laminating, but I was thinking maybe a couple of coats of clear glue (PVA) might work?

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Anonymous said...

oh they're beautiful!! I'm inspired to try something similar now.