Saturday, 12 January 2008

Artsy Clutch

We went out last night to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary and I decided the occasion warranted a new bag:

I used the Artsy Clutch pattern from Bend-the-Rules Sewing and more of the Kirinco "Red Riverstones" linen fabric I used on the Pleated Beauty bag I made my Mum for Christmas. I decided to use plain natural coloured linen for the lining because I didn't want to detract from the wonderful design of the outer fabric. Instead of the called-for elastic cording, I just made a short length of bias tape from the lining fabric. In hindsight, something stretchy would probably be better because when the bag is empty it has a tendency to pop open, but once it has a few things in it, it's fine. And hey, I'm not going to use it empty anyway. The button is actually two buttons sewed together.

I really love this bag. To be honest, the pattern didn't really grab me when I first looked through Amy Karol's book, but after seeing all the wonderful variations around blogland and in the BTRS flickr group, I realised how nice it was. It's such a simple, easy design that comes together really quickly, but it looks fantastic.

The bag will get its second outing today at a family lunch to celebrate my husband's grandfather's 80th birthday. I have a red skirt in exactly the same shade that I think will look great with it (ha ha, now I'm planning my outfit around the bag).


Jessicah said...

Love the fabric and clutch. Now you'll need to make one to go with all your outfits!!

Floss said...

Beautiful fabric - and the perfect occasion for a new bag. Congratulations!

Kate said...

Gorgeous - I love this fabric - I have some I'm saving for the perfect project.

Lara said...

heee! this turned out so good! Nice work - very flattering :)

K13 said...

That is a super cute clutch!!!