Sunday, 20 January 2008

Backyard Bounty

The lovely hot weather we have been having over the past few weeks has had a great effect on our vege garden.

The runner beans have now taken over the flimsy trellis I built them, and I have had to attach wire netting to the fence behind them to allow them to grow even taller.

We have had a few good crops of beans off the plants now. There is nothing like stir-fry with beans straight out of your garden!

The roma tomato plants are starting to produce baby tomatoes. Let's hope I can keep the pests away long enough for them to ripen. Looking forward to fresh pasta sauce.

Damson plums on our tree, ready to be picked and made into jam and chutney and maybe even Damson Gin (I've never made the gin before so any tips would be welcome - I hear it is divine).

Lettuce plants conveniently located by the back-door for last-minute picking..


Jen said...

So odd for me to see vegetables growing in January! I'm in the US and it is below freezing here. Thanks for sharing your pictures and sunshine! Makes me look forward to spring.

Kim U said...

Same comment as Jen - it was a refreshing change to see some sunny garden pictures when it's so cold out here in the US right now :) Your garden set-up looks similar to the one we have- I love raised beds, they make gardening so much easier.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I've somewhat given up on my veges.... all the lettuce went to seed while I was away over summer. The strawberries are still producing though. I've just planted some brassica seeds.... a revival for winter prehaps. Your garden is inspiring!

Kimberlee + Lies said...

what a yummy garden

mine's all 'wilty' at the moment. I think i need a touch of green thumb.