Monday, 15 October 2007

Here comes the sun

I was so pleased to have two days of sun at the weekend (even if it was accompanied by strong gales on Saturday). I managed to spend about 6 hours in the garden, mostly boring weeding (lots of rain = mega weeds) and some mulching, but I did do a little bit of work in our little vege garden.

During the last few weeks of rain, un-noticed by me, my climbing runner beans had started to sprout. They had started to climb up the netting I have over the garden to keep the neighbourhood cats (including our furbaby) off the veges. So at the weekend I made them a teepee to climb up instead.

I made the teepees out of bamboo stakes and garden twine. This is the first year I've grown runner beans (I inherited the dormant crowns from a friend of my Mum who shifted away), so I have no idea whether these will be strong enough to support the plants when they get to full size, but similar supports made of painted metal were $20 each at my local garden centre! We shall see if cheap and easy beats expensive and sturdy....

I also planted a few seed potatoes that I have been sprouting for the last couple of weeks and sowed some carrot seeds. Next weekend I'll get some tomato and zucchini seedlings and pull out the last of the cauliflower and celery.

This is the first year that I've had a vege garden, but I'm really enjoying experimenting with what grows in our region and is it just me or do veges from your own garden taste SO much better than bought ones?

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