Friday, 19 October 2007

Friday randomness

Look what I caught our Molly cat doing the other night...

She knows she's not supposed to do it, as evidenced by her quick escape below. She has a water bowl full of perfectly nice water but still insists on drinking out of the toilet, the bottom of the shower, dirty puddles etc.

In craft news, I have been slowly working my way through a cross-stitch birth notice for a friend's baby. Should be able to post some pictures next week. I think it will be my last project on Aida cloth for a while. I recently completed some cross stitch on linen/evenweave and I'm a convert! I much prefer the look and the texture of cross stitch on linen. I'm also branching out and trying more embroidery stitches and these (to me anyway) look better on linen. I love some of the summer embroidery that Amanda at SouleMama was doing a while back, inspired by one of her Japanese embroidery books. Might have to put that book on my Christmas wish list...

Planning to buy some cotton this weekend and knit some dishcloths. I've been a sponge user until now, but the idea of a knitted dishcloth that you can throw in the wash or even boil seems a lot cleaner. Plus it's another excuse to add to my yarn stash! I might try some of the patterns here first.

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