Monday, 24 June 2013

{26 Things I Made} 6/26 and 7/26: some crafting for me

I actually finished both of these before we went to Boston in April, but have only just got around to taking photos and posting them.

6/26: Knitted Slippers

Knitted SlippersMade from the popular Aunt Maggies Slipper's pattern.  Ravelry details here.  I knitted these to take away with us on holiday and they were fantastic - I wore them on the plane and around our hotel rooms.  Very warm, squishy and comfortable.  Perfect to squash into your suitcase.  And also great to wear around the house.  I have always worn shoe-type slippers that you can walk in outside to the washing line or to the letterbox, but I think these slippers may convert me to being a slipper-sock wearer.  Alex has asked me to knit him a pair and I think I may need to knit a second pair for me for days when these ones are in the wash, so expect to see more of these on the blog soon!

7/26: Pleated skirt

Pleated skirt

Pleated skirt

A less successful project.  I fell in love with this amazing Japanese Chrysanthemum print fabric found here and decided to recreate a favourite pleated skirt from Max that I wore lots last summer.  I used my standard a-line skirt pattern and added in some pleats to the front before I cut it out.    Somehow the pleating has affected the overall shape of the skirt and it doesn't sit quite right.  I have worn it a couple of times, but I think it needs some altering so it sits more on my waist.  Future restyle post to come I think!  But the fabric itself is lovely and I have quite a bit leftover for pockets or binding on other projects.


Leonie said...

Oh I love the slippers! Have been hunting for a nice knitted pattern!

Unknown said...

wow, that looks very great! good work!