Tuesday, 15 December 2009



Although it has been unseasonably wet recently, I think it has at least been good for the garden. It's just exploded with green in the last week or so.

raised vegetable beds

We moved our vegetable garden to a much sunnier spot in the backyard this year and it seems to have paid off. The raised garden beds are slot-together ones that we bought off TradeMe and they have been fabulous - much easier than building your own beds (at least for DIY-incompetents like us!).

In the bed in the front of the photo there's various lettuces and herbs, baby carrots, baby beetroot, kale, capsicum and wild strawberries. In the far bed I've planted beans, more capsicum, zucchini, tomatoes and a big 'ole rhubarb that I got from my Mum. The rhubarb is one that my Poppa grew from seed when my Mum was a baby. Various family members have kept it going for 50-odd years and now it's in my garden as well as my Mum's. Poppa swears it is a much better variety than the ones you can get from the garden centre today. And by the way it is taking over the garden (see below), I'd have to agree!

rhubarb taking over

This year I've also planted potatoes in plastic grow-bags, an idea that I think I first saw on Jamie at Home. You roll the sides of the bag right down when you first plant the seed potatoes, and as they grow, you roll up the sides of the bag and add more soil - much easier than mounding up the soil around them in an ordinary bed.

potatoes planted in grow-bags

I'm looking forward to harvesting some homegrown veges for Christmas dinner this year.


Ruby in the Dust said...

your garden looks beautiful! the potatoes in bags is a good idea, they take up much less space than the ugly old tyres we've got ours in :)

VeganCraftastic said...

I love your garden!

Jessicah said...

Your garden is looking lovely...much much tidier than mine!

Anonymous said...

Your garden is looking awesome. I like the potatoes in bags idea.

Stacey said...

Well done you! The garden looks great!