Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Weekend fun

We had a weekend away visiting my family for my niece's first birthday party. Much fun was had, including:

Decorating (vegan) cupcakes and an elephant birthday cake:

Watching this little cutie enjoy her birthday party:

Having some Aunty-Niece bonding time:


nova_j said...

ooo they look delicious! congrats on your veganversary too! :)

Miss Smith said...

Did you make that wee spotty dress she is wearing? She looks very cute indeed. That elephant cake is something I have stored away to shamelessly copy at some point, too!

Louise said...

My Mum made the gorgeous dress she is wearing, but she is wearing an Aunty Louise bib in the photo with me too!
The elephant cake is based on one in the classic Australian Women's Weekly Birthday Cake book with the train on the cover - in the book it's covered in pink coconut, but we just copied the shape.