Thursday, 16 April 2009


I tell you, I think crafty people have some of the coolest ideas. Here's one I've just discovered - fabric-a-brac. A craft fair dedicated to selling fabric, buttons, trims and patterns. Sellers get to clear out their stashes, buyers get to score some crafty bargains.

It's this Saturday, 18th April from 12-4 in the Brooklyn Community Centre, 18 Harrison St, Brooklyn. I can't wait!


Gillybean said...

Wow that sounds like my kind of Fair, wish I could abandon all and jump on the ferry.

Heart in the country said...

I so wish they had fairs like this in the uk :0(

FabricAbrac said...

Hi there - we're doing another fabric-a-brac this weekend. Sat 21 May 9.15 -12.30pm at St Anne's Hall in Newtown. Ann Packer is doing a session on "Look What I Found" from 8.30am to 9.15am. Hope to see you guys there :) Cheers JB