Sunday, 8 June 2008

Move along, nothing to see here

Not much craft happening round these parts. Instead I am busily ticking things off to-do lists ahead of our trip to Europe at the end of the week. I have been sewing, but it has been mostly altering and mending of things to pack. Next task is to hem a t-shirt for Alex using a twin needle for the first time. Wish me luck...

And just so I don't post without a picture, here's a photo I took last weekend in Martinborough. A lot of the vineyards had these chimney-looking things along their perimeters. Anyone know what they are? Things to scare off birds perhaps?


Little Miss Flossy said...

I think they're small burners - to produce warm air in the spring if a frost is threatening. The warm air gets moved around by a wind machine and stops the buds/fruit from being destroyed.

Europe... sounds wonderful!

kimberlee & Lies said...

Woh! Twin needles, it sounds so complicated! Oh happy packing you luccky one!!!