Friday, 1 February 2008

A Busy Weekend

The renovations I mentioned a couple of months ago are finally complete, so I now have a crafty area in our house to call my own:

It's pretty small and is really only a porch area that you walk through to go outside or to the laundry (through the sliding door), but it's better than what I have now (sewing machine and craft stuff packed away under the window seat in our bedroom). Now I get the fun task of buying some furniture and setting up the space. I'd like an old wooden table to sew on and maybe a chest of drawers to store my fabric in (shelves would be ideal for my fabric but this room gets a lot of sunlight and I don't want to risk my precious fabric getting faded). Trips to the recycling places and second-hand furniture shops are planned for this weekend.

Also on the to-do list this weekend:
  • Go to the Martinborough Fair on Saturday and pick up lots of crafty inspiration
  • Resist the urge to spend too much at the above fair
  • Finish the knitting WIP I posted the other day
  • Finally make some jam and chutney with the plums I picked off our tree over a week ago (they are currently in the freezer)
  • Go and see some of the fantastic movies that started this week (Juno tonight and maybe The 11th Hour or No Country for Old Men or Michael Clayton later in the weekend)
  • Make a start on my contribution to the We Heart Mirabel initiative being run by Meet Me At Mikes
  • Go for at least one long run (I've signed up for a 10km event next weekend and am VERY unprepared)
Hmmm, looking back at my list, I'm thinking I might be being a bit ambitious. Lucky we have a public holiday next Wednesday...

Hope your weekend is a good one.


Kimberlee + Lies said...

oh it looks great! its bigger than my studio which is the passage way to the closet and also the only way to get out onto the deck:) whoop for using up dead space!

Florence said...

Hi Louise,
Looks like you do have a lot planned for this weekend, don't forget to relax too :)
I've done my homework! Come have a look at
Cheers, Florence

Donna said...

That space looks gorgeous - love the floor boards and your colour choice for the walls - nice and peaceful.