Sunday, 27 September 2009

Jackson Pollock, kids-style

Jackson Pollock lesson 1
I promised to share some art that I did with the kids while I was on placement. The year 4 class (8-9 year olds) was doing a unit on art while I was there, so I did some lessons where they discussed their reactions to a range of famous paintings. We also did some brainstorming around topics like "What is art?", "Why do people create art?" , "What types of art do you know?" and so on. I was really surprised at some of their answers and their reactions to the paintings were quite insightful.
My Associate Teacher also did some lessons about several famous artists and then allowed the class to make their own artwork in the style of the artist. Here are some pictures from the Jackson Pollock lesson. The kids first watched this video showing how Jackson Pollock painted. They then looked at a few examples of his artworks and we discussed them. Finally they planned and created their own masterpiece. The kids had a lot of fun dribbling and flicking the paint and finished pieces looked fantastic once they were mounted. I will definitely be trying this idea with my own class at some point.
Jackson Pollock lesson 2

Jackson Pollock lesson 3


Little Miss Flossy said...

The artwork is fantastic, I'm constantly amazed (and inspired)by the creativity and cleverness of primary schoolers. Honestly, teaching fabric technology at an Intermediate is such a dream job, it feels like playing every day! Lots of the kids coming to me have done sewing and knitting things at their primary schools, what I've discovered is that kids like to make things they can use themselves. They're not so big on the gift-giving thing! Sounds like you've really been enjoying your placements - do you get to do a Yr 7 and 8 section?

Little Miss Flossy said...

PS Are you planning another ornament swap this year? I've got my idea all ready to go, just in case...