Friday, 19 September 2008

Random Friday

A few things I’ve been meaning to tell you about:

* Fabric Barn on High Street in Lower Hutt is having a 50% off sale off all of their fabrics and most of their patterns. Sale ends next Wednesday. I stocked up on a whole lot of flannel to use for interfacing – half price is $3 per metre. Woot!

* The next Juniper Lucky Dip craft night is on October 22nd and will be the last one for the year. Apparently the theme is Christmas. Sign up now if you haven’t already. Should be a fun night.

* The lovely and clever Helen at Stripy Sock Studio has started a clothing swap group on flickr for kiwi girls who want to update their wardrobes without spending a lot but don’t want to buy new from chain stores or deal with the hassle of online auctions. Fab eco-friendly idea I reckon! Its since expanded to include sewing patterns and fabric for those of us who like to DIY our wardrobes.

* Oh no - the end of Snifters, Tangy Fruits and Sparkles is nigh. What will be in the Twenty Cent Mixtures of the future?

Have a good weekend everyone. On Monday I should be able to post a few pictures of my progress on stock for Craft2.0.


sweetp said...

I am so gutted no more tangy fruits ..Waah!!

Anonymous said...

No more tangy fruits, what will I eat at the movies?

Thanks for sharing the fabric sale details!

Anonymous said...

Oh I so didn't need to know there was a fabric sale on. HA

speckled egg said...

Haha my husband was sooo gutted when he heard about the snifters and co! BTW I love your coordinating bibs and shoes; Gorgeous!