Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Denim and Doilies

This project has been in the "to-do" pile for ages. I finally got around to it because I had to tidy up the pile of stuff on my sewing table to make room for the new overlocker (although, to be honest, "tidying" the pile in the end meant moving it to the floor beside my table - ha!).

I first saw this idea here at Somner Designs and then here at Tiny Happy. So easy and (almost) instant gratification. I sewed these doilies on by hand but I'm sure you could also carefully machine sew them. I think it will look great with my winter boots - the doilies remind me of snowflakes.


Anonymous said...

That's really cute! (I love the shape of the skirt too..)
I had a singlet when I was pregnant with a belly sized doilie sewn on the side. But unfortunately after a few months of wearing and washing the doilie shrunk slightly pulling the fabric and stitching.. I'll have to whip out the needle and add some to other things I think.

sewfunky said...

I love it, love your shoes too! :)

leslie said...