Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Baby bibs

I don't know what was special about the last week of November, but 3 couples we know had babies that week. I showed you the other two baby presents last week. Here is the third one - four bibs I made for baby Jude:

They are again made following the excellent pattern in Bend The Rules Sewing. The fabric is craft cotton from Spotlight, except for the navy gingham which I picked up at a thrift store. They are all backed with white flannel. I love this pattern. The method of construction is really simple and they sew up really fast. I think I completed these in about an hour.


Anonymous said...

Alas I am not particularly welcome at the Spotlight branch in town or I'd get some of that cute spotty stuff for sure. The mushroom fabric is so cute and retro.

StichingSurgeon said...

I love this fabric! Those bibs will make the little one a hip little baby.

Kimberlee + Lies said...

and I like that the fabric you used is gender neutral.... I am sure the parents are up to their eye balls in pink or blue.


Lisa Boyer said...

So sweet. I love the little mushroom fabric.